If You’re Running in 2014, Here’s What You Should Be Doing Now

The latest issue of Campaigns & Elections magazine landed a week or so back, and I’m sure most of you have devoured your own copies in the days since. But for those few who haven’t yet taken advantage of one of C&E‘s affordable subscription plans, be sure to check out You’re Already Behind Online, which is chock-full of tasty advice from some very talented folks in the digital politics field. It’s also my first C&E feature article. Woo hoo! But don’t fret, this issue also includes a TechBytes column, which should be online shortly.

The Number One piece of advice I heard from digital practitioners, again and again and again? Build relationships now, every day of the week. Grasstops, for one thing — get to know local political activists, bloggers, journalists and of course party folks and elected officials. But as the dozen-odd folks I spoke with pretty much all agreed, if you’re not collecting email addresses now, you’re crazy. Read the full article here, then get to work. November 2014 will be upon us quicker than it has any right to be.


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Colin Delany
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  • I would strongly suggest that if someone is thinking about being involved in a future campaign for public office that they seek an appointment to a commission, board, or advisory community panel which will create interactions with other people who are interested in politics. Remember you get to know people through the interactions when not in session.