The #JediMindMeld’s Redeeming Rapid Response Moment…and an Extra-Grumpy Cat

Extra-Grumpy Cat

Utterly gratuitous photo of the Extra Grumpy Cat

When Barack Obama crossed the nerd-culture streams in his Jedi Mind Meld moment last week, he created great joy on the internets: by combining the Star Wars Jedi Mind Trick and the Star Trek Vulcan Mind Meld into a single entity, he not only caused a great disturbance in the Force, he created the opportunity for a good, old-fashioned meme explosion.

And of course, the internet responded in fine form, with lots of talk of Obama losing the Nerd Vote, being banned from Comic-Con, etc. Good times all around!

But as Extra Grumpy Cat says,

And that’s exactly what the White House did, by jumping on the #JediMindMeld hashtag with a relevant joke of their own (including both Star Wars and Star Trek references)…AND a link to their own materials about budget sequestration. Good work taking advantage of a fleeting social media moment! Particularly one that Obama inadvertently created himself.

Of course, as the Daily Show pointed out, the real importance of the #JediMindMeld moment was that it gave cable news something to talk about other than actual news. Good job keeping your eye on the ball, folks — I’m glad there was nothing substantive happening in Washington that day.


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Colin Delany
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