Digital Persuasion Ads in 2012: Two Short Case Studies from Blueprint Interactive

Update: Now with working links to the case studies…d’oh!

Greetings from Texas! We’ve temporarily abandoned the e.politics bunker in favor of the distant hinterlands — though no baby armadillos so far this time, alas.

But what we DO have are a couple of case studies sent over by our friends at Blueprint Interactive, giving a little information about their online persuasion ad campaigns on behalf of Planned Parenthood and Congressional candidate Dr. Ami Bera this past cycle. Here’s a quote from the section on Bera:

We started working with the Bera campaign in early 2012, developing an online paid media strategy that was a key integrated component of the overall media plan. The primary goal of our online ads campaign was to extend the reach and frequency of the campaign’s television ads, particularly among young men and older women. To get ahead of the October crush of ads, and proactively define Bera to the new district, we launched a 3+ month pre-roll presence in August, which delivered over 2.5 million completed video views at a cost per of only $.03. In the final month, we also ran a search engine marketing campaign to capture late-deciding voters.

The Results: The polls were right, and the race finished extremely close – so close that the final result wasn’t known until 10 days after Election Day – but Bera came away with the win. There were numerous reports in the final two weeks of voters being “inundated” with Bera web ads and support for Bera amongst our target demographic is considered to be one of the determining factors in his narrow victory.

I’d love to know more details, of course, but the overview is at least a start. Also be sure to check out the section on Planned Parenthood (“across the roughly 2 month program, we delivered over 60MM impressions, generated over 2.6MM video views, and drove nearly 125,000 clicks to Planned Parenthood’s Women are Watching website”), and be sure to catch the Post’s recent article on PPFA’s overall (and VERY successful) strategy for the 2012 elections.


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