RootsCamp 2012: Via Storify, A Tweet-By-Tweet Account

If you couldn’t make it to RootsCamp this weekend, my condolences: it was a hell of an experience, and I learned a huge amount about what went on in practice on the 2012 digital campaign trail. Fortunately, a bunch of us were live-tweeting from various sessions, and tweets from the @epolitics account below are collected via Storify below.

My own direct experience was of course limited to the sessions I went to in person, but through the magic of retweeting, I was able to capture some of the highlights from other discussions. There’s more to come: my iPad contains enough notes to fill these pages with articles for days to come.

Storify presentation starts after the break — first tweets are around noon on Friday, when I was following the hashtag from work when I could.

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Colin Delany
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