Thursday Webinar: Campaigning in 2012

Tomorrow at 4 pm Eastern we get to have a little fun: the good folks at Salsa have asked me to lead a webinar on “Campaigning in 2012: Putting the Web to Work for Elections & Advocacy.” Here’s the blurb; the ideas involved extend the thinking behind the new “Winning in 2012” e-book.

2012 promises to be an epic political year. The White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives are up for grabs, along with thousands of other offices in state and local governments across the country, even as voters weigh in on scores of ballot initiatives and other measures. Meanwhile, advocacy organizations across the country will continue to push policy changes at the federal, state and local levels.

Campaigners will be in the thick of the political frenzy, whether trying to elect candidates or change laws. How do you use your online tools with Facebook, Twitter and digital advertising to build support, mobilize volunteers, raise money and turn out voters, all while getting the most out of your precious time and limited resources? Here’s a hint: technology is just the start — it’s how you use it that matters.

Register now! If you don’t, you won’t see the most dangerous photograph on the web, which I have employed for devious purposes in the webinar powerpoint. You Have Been Warned!

Update: audio and presentation slides are combined in the YouTube video below. Enjoy!


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Colin Delany
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