Obama Unfiltered: An E.pol Quote in CBS News Radio Story on Twitter Town Hall

Time for a quick catch-up story — it may seem like ancient history now, with the debt ceiling battle completely dominating domestic politics, but a couple of weeks ago President Obama held a “Twitter Town Hall,” using a live video feed to answer questions sent in through the microblogging site. I got interviewed by CBS News Radio the day before the event and had heard rumors that they’d used the audio, but it took a while to find a print version of their piece. Here’s the quote:

Colin Delaney [sic], founder and editor of epolitics.com, a website devoted to online politics, told CBS Radio News the Twitter forum is a way for the White House to “deliver their message unfiltered.” Delaney noted, “This is a way for them to get their message out directly at a point when a lot of people are paying attention.”

Congressional Democrats may have missed an opportunity to take advantage of the town hall, but we here at Epolitics.com were happy to pick up the self-promotional slack. And going through a media filter doesn’t bother me one bit — even if they can’t quite spell the name right.


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Colin Delany
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