New Project, Just Launched! Wal-Mart Manager Madness

Wal-Mart Manager MadnessBusy times around the old e.politics bunker lately! The day job in particular has been keeping me on my toes, but now you guys get to share in the fun.

So head on over to the latest project from the National Women’s Law Center, Wal-Mart Manager Madness! What do you do when you have a bunch of sexist statements attributed to Wal-Mart managers in a fair pay/sex discrimination case? Why, form them up into March Madness-style brackets and get folks to vote on ’em! Join in and you can help the Center whittle the Sexist Sixteen down to the Egregious Eight and the Foul Four over the next few days, with the final vote to crown the winnah and champeen to be held on Fair Pay Day on April 12th.

Good fun all around, and also note that we’re using this contest as an opportunity to bring some attention to a very serious issue on which the Center has done some very serious work, starting with an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of the plaintiffs in the case. For more info, head over to Wal-Mart Manager Madness — when you’re done voting, you’ll have plenty of time to read more, watch video clips of the Center’s Marcia Greenberger on television news, and of course sign on to our action to Congress. Integrated campaigning, much?


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Colin Delany
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