The Great Debate: Activism vs. Slacktivism

Here’s a potential treat for our UK readers and anyone else going to the eCampaigning Forum in Oxford later this month: an extended live debate about the nature and effectiveness of digital activism. Do the internet’s “weak ties” provide the illusion of action at the expense of real change? Or do electronic tools create the potential for a new politics, opening routes for new voices and new possibilities? Or of course, none of the above. From the debate’s description:

All activism depends on the belief and hope by participants that acting together will make a difference. With increasing debate and rhetoric around the influence and power of digital activism, what will the future be for this form of mobilisation if misinformed commentary or ill-conceived use of digital tools and networks attempt to undermine it?

Sounds like fun! Interesting panel, too, with a mix of activists, academics and critics. I’ll keep an eye out for the video if it gets posted online. I think you can guess how we feel about the subject around these parts.


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Colin Delany
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