Colin Delany Quick Hits February 11, 2011

Quick Hits — February 11, 2011

This week’s theme: A Farewell to Mubarak.



  1. Anita

    Thanks for including the MomsRising Valentine’s Day card creation station! We had a lot of fun with this one.


    1. cpd

      Great work! It’s a really cool application.

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  3. cpd

    I tell ya, jte, I do these Quick Hits things because they help ME pull all the pieces together. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I know how one part of the online advocacy world relates to another.

    BTW, nice work on the PowerPopProduction site! Would love more detail on the songs, the kinds of things you talk about in person. I.e., “listen in at minute 1:30 and check out how the keyboard slides in under the vocals and punches up the sound,” the kind of thing you talk about when we’re listening to tunes.

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