Conclusion: Now YOU Have the Power

New Online Politics 101 Chapter

Whew, that was a long slog, wasn’t it? But after 20+ chapters, now YOU have the potential to be a master of online political communications, and if you’re lucky (and good), you might just get to spark changes that’ll affect millions of lives. Pretty cool, eh?

Of course, this version of Online Politics 101 (the fourth edition) was obsolete about five minutes after I finished the last draft, since someone in a basement or garage is already creating tools that’ll change the ways we do online politics forever. Great! We’ll have plenty to learn from (and plenty to write about) in the years to come, so keep coming back to to learn the latest. And if you do something interesting online or if you see something that others might learn from, considering writing your own chapter in the digital politics saga — an guest article is a great place to start.

But whether or not you want to contribute in public, always feel free to write in with questions, observations and corrections, since this document is far from perfect or even complete. But I hope you think it’s a good start, and I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from the time you spent with it. Onward, through the fog.


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Colin Delany
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