To the List of Dangers of Dating a Blogger, Now Add This…

We don’t know the actual truth, since the Other Half of the equation is denying all knowledge, but South Carolina blogger Will Folks is claiming that he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Republican gubernatorial (and “family values”) candidate Nikki Haley….Oh, my.

First thought: what are they putting in the water in South Carolina? Second thought: dating a blogger? That’s a disqualifier on the basis of taste, judgment, good health and basic mental hygiene, regardless of any considerations of morality and the sanctity of marriage (most of these guys haven’t had their shots). Seriously, in an age of over-sharing, bloggers tend to be the most over-sharingest of all, and any relationship between a politician and an online writer is more likely than average to become public knowledge, with the appropriate ensuing consequences. Except, of course, when you date within the e.politics circle of authors, readers and hangers-on — our charms are irresistible, and our lips are sealed….


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Colin Delany
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