Back in Town! And Back on the (Internet) Radio Tonight

Hey kids, long time no see — whew, it’s been a time down here in the e.politics bunker the past three weeks, with major projects demanding serious attention at the day job, a little love for old clients at night, and a few thousands words due to ClickZ‘s Kate Kaye for a project she’s putting together. Plus a trip across the mighty Atlantic for a consulting gig…and some sad news too, but we’ll cover that just a bit later.

But tonight, you can get your fresh dose of e.pol “wisdom,” live and in real-time, too — I’ll be back on the air with Rick Morris and the guys at the FDH Lounge. We should go on around 8:30 Eastern tonight, and I’ll be diving into a conversation with Rich and Sopranos actor/author/playwright/Sopranos alum Carl Capotorto about the politics of health care reform! Should be a hoot-and-a-half, and you won’t want to miss it. Listen live here, and I’ll post the archived recording when they publish it later.


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Colin Delany
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