First Day at New Media Strategies

Quick announcement — after two years sailing the fickle waves of capitalism all on my own, I accepted a full-time job at New Media Strategies last week and started today. I’m now a Strategic Manager in their Public Affairs Practice and am currently being orientated (the electrodes don’t hurt nearly as much as you’d expect).

Regular readers needn’t you worry your pretty little heads about, though, since NMS is all in favor of employees having public intellectual and creative lives, and they actively encourage blogging, Twittering, Facebooking, et al. While I’m adjusting to a new work environment (and to actually waking up in the morning), the publishing rate may drop off a bit, but working with the team here should provide plenty of fodder for pieces down the road. And with a whole group of talented folks for backup, we might just get a lot more interesting stuff done than I was able to take care of on my own. Keep me (and NMS) in mind as you’re planning your online outreach — I’d be happy to chat any time.


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Colin Delany
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