E.politics “Daily Caller” Review Quoted on Salon.com

Be sure to check out Kate Harding’s recent Salon.com take on S.E. Cupp, a rising star in the right-wing punditosphere — and a non-blonde atheist, which makes her a bit of an outlier and a more interesting character than most of the cookie-cuttter talking heads that dominate Fox News. The most funnest part? Harding’s first paragraph relies on extensive quotes and paraphrases from Monday’s e.politics review of Tucker Carlson’s new “Daily Caller” site, including the excellent contributions by Josh Nelson (“a cross between ‘Politico, Drudge and the NY Post'”) and Roxanne Cooper (“Pajamas Media meets The Daily Beast”).

Kate links to the Huffington Post version of the article, which shows why it’s a good idea to publish articles like this one far and wide — you never know where someone’s going to find you. And while this means that Epolitics.com itself isn’t getting a direct traffic boost (or any Google Juice) out of the link, a quote in a top-level site like Salon never hurts. Very cool all around.


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Colin Delany
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