Learning from Obama: Read the (E-)Book, Don't Wait for the Movie

Learning from Obama: Lessons for Online Communicators in 2009 and Beyond

As you might have guessed from the big, fat graphic to the right, that series of articles I did about Obama’s online campaign is finally edited into convenient e-book format, just in time for this week’s Netroots Nation panel discussion on the same topic (hmmm, guess who needs a deadline before he can finish, well, anything).

We’ll be kicking the promo campaign into high gear over the next couple of weeks, trying to get this sucker into the hands of as many journalists, bloggers, Twitterers, texters, smoke-signalers and flat-out political junkies as possible. I’ll be hitting the appropriate forums (email lists, blogs, etc.), sending out a press release (never hurts), plus contacting reporters and show-bookers to spread the word as far as possible, but I’d owe you bigtime for anything y’all can do to help get it in front of interested eyes. Makes a great beach read for your entire communications department!

The useful thing about doing it as a PDF is that OpenOffice (which I used for the layout) neatly kept all the links in place, so it connects instantly to supporting materials around the ‘net and on the e.politics site itself, giving the thing a lot more depth and, honestly, a lot more value as a promotional tool. Plus, I picked a font that’s easy to read on the sand


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