We’re On An Internet, Whoa-Oh, Radio…

Update: Apparently, there’s been a format change since the last time I was on Karen’s show — it’s now pre-recorded instead of live. I’ll post the link as soon as it goes online.

Apologies to Wall of Voodoo for that headline, but if you’re gonna massacre a song, at least massacre a classic. In any case, if you’ve been suffering from the recent drought of articles on e.politics, here’s a chance to get your fix — I’ll be on Karen Jagoda’s Digital Politics (internet) radio show this Thursday afternoon at 3 pm Eastern, to talk about social networking, Twitter, political activism and just about anything else that comes to mind. We’re scheduled for a 30-minute chat, so when the time comes, go get you a good cup of coffee, pull up a chair next to the computer speakers and settle in for a decent spell. Can’t wait until Thursday? Check out Karen’s past shows — an impressive range of topics.

Plus, keep an eye out for another announcement later this week — exciting times these days down here in the bunker.


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