Quick Hits — February 8, 2009


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Colin Delany
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  • Good question! I’d say two things: the steady growth of Republicans and conservatives online, both in terms of the tools they use and in terms of the number of voices talking about online advocacy. Second, just the general fact that there’s an online angle to just about ANY communications story these days, if you look for it.

    Bonus observation: articles about the Obama campaign are still a good sell — everybody clearly wants to know what they did right.

  • Warning!
    The State of New South Wales in in the talons of a bird of prey call Judiciary Mafia. They are protected specie they can steal from people seeking justice like flying foxes who steal during the night & are protected by Police Force, Ministers of Justice, Police, Ombudsman, Attorneys. Barristers, solicitors and Media are muzzled by them. All written evidences available for your perusal. Police do not investigate wrong doing by judges and not investigate wrong doing by solicitors if a judge is involved. Politicians and senators are not even mentioning an inquire into judiciary!

    Be warned, do not trust them, they are criminals protecting criminals!!!

    If you think that I’m wrong!!! You know where I live, come and get me!!!