The Latest Bad Economic Indicator: Fewer DC Holiday Parties

Well, it looks as though the recession has hit even the D.C. area, which is usually immunized somewhat against bad economic times by the presence of the federal government and all who feed on it. The latest evidence — what happened to the drinks?

This December is turning up fewer and fewer companies in the online communications space willing to throw a REAL holiday party, i.e. the kind with free booze. Likewise, some of the professional organizations have canceled their annual soirées because too few people were signing up. Years of experience have taught me to sniff out an open bar up to five miles away just from the sound of the wind in the trees (a true fact), yet even I’m at a loss. Worse luck: the band’s only confirmed gig for the long Inauguration weekend (a party that Friday night) just disappeared — the event got called off for financial reasons. Now that’s hittin’ where it hurts!


Written by
Colin Delany
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