(Late) Friday Fun: Microsoft Pitches Hotmail as Antidote to Palin Email Hack

“Fun” and “Microsoft” are two words rarely found in the same sentence, but here we are: in an entirely unselfish attempt to help candidates afraid that they’ll join Sarah Palin in having their email accounts hacked, the software behemoth has issued the following open letter:

To the McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden campaigns: Switch parties!

We at Microsoft couldn’t help but notice there’s been a lot of news around personal e-mail accounts this week. Don’t worry — we’re ready to help all the candidates, but it may require switching parties: to Windows Live Hotmail.

With all the travel demands of campaigning, we realize it’s hard to keep in touch with friends and family. That’s where we come in: we want to help you keep your life in sync. Now is a great time to go get Windows Live IDs for you and your entire family. We’re even willing to help outfit your entire campaigns with Windows Live IDs! Go ahead, get creative. We did! Here are a few of our team’s favorite suggestions:


[Marketing gibberish follows]

JustBidenMyTime, wacka wacka wacka! Okay, it gets weak at the end, but the basic idea’s not bad at all — way to ride a mini media wave. You get a gold star.


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Colin Delany
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