Taking Chances with Ones and Zeroes

I just went into a live online database via PHPMyAdmin and deleted 22,000 spam comments from a client’s WordPress blog all at once. That’s the first actual database operation I’ve ever done! Scary, even with a backup. Not that I want to make a habit of it — too much potential for destruction. But I can now claim to have executed a command that looks like this:

SELECT *FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =”0″
delete from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =”0″

And lived to tell the tale. Thanks to this guy for the instructions.


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Colin Delany
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  • can you explain how to post an article/.pdf on a website via wordpress or server? I also wondered is there is a way to layer pages rather than blog. If this is cutting into your income generating secrets, no worries, just asking. : ) I give free legal information all the time and people still need lawyers… hah!

  • Hey Tiffany, it depends on which HTML editor is built into the version of WordPress you use. The default editor is a bit of a pain, so I’ve been using a ($50) editor called WysiwigPro 3 on client sites lately — it handles images and files well, and also cleans up the crappy code that comes out when you paste something from Word.

    For instructions using the default editor, try this. BTW, on e.politics I run it old-school — FTP the docs up and link to them in the code. Helps keep those mad HTML skillz fresh.