Adding Two New Website Promotional Tools

First fruits of RootsCampDC: time to experiment with a couple of site promotional tools. Look to the right, below the search box, and you’ll see a new content widget which you can use to put e.politics headlines on your site, blog, Facebook page or computer desktop. It takes this site’s RSS feed and packages it into widget form for use across the web; run by SpringWidgets, it’s one of the standard promotional tools provided by Feedburner. Just below that, I’ve also added a Feedburner-provided email signup form. E.politics has had an email subscription option since the beginning, but it was only on the Feedburner subscription page and not obvious at all (only two people have signed up for email, vs 600-odd RSS subscribers). The usual expectation is that having a signup form visible directly on your pages encourages signups; time for a little test.

Thanks to Michael Whitney for the suggestions — he ran a great RootsCamp session on getting the most out of RSS.


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Colin Delany
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