Image of the Day: How to Reach 5 Million Rich Republicans

Check out this brilliant bit of promotion and branding from conservative site NewsMax, which has been around since the first internet/politics boom in the 90s:

Newsmax online ad

This ad appeared in Monday’s Marketing Vox News, which is an email newsletter aimed at advertising and marketing professionals. Regular readers will note that Marketing Vox articles often show up in e.politics Quick Hits link roundups, and for good reason — it’s an excellent source for the latest in the broader world of online marketing communications. And the NewsMax people clearly think that it’s also a way to reach potential advertisers, in this case with an image and message that are both a little tongue-in-cheek and I suspect quite effective. The ad’s landing page is well designed (down to the HTML title) to follow through on the promise, providing a breakdown of the site’s demographics and an example of a past high-end product that sold well on the site.

Nice job all around — good targeting, good messaging and good follow-through. If you’d like to see the ad in context in the Marketing Vox email newsletter, here’s a printout.


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Colin Delany
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