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Well, the conference frenzy is over and it’s time to quit yelling at misguided old men and get back to work for a change. E.politics has been learning mad new online skillz of late and is now in the process of building or unleashing three advocacy sites upon an unsuspecting world, of which more in a bit. Also, Politics Online, SXSW and the Nonprofit Technology Conference have yielded notes or ideas for a slew of articles as yet unwritten, so we have our work cut out for us around here. Everybody step back; who knows how big this thing’s going to get.

It’s also about time for the political world to get back to bidness too, right? For starters, congressional races are warming up and there ought to be a ton of work going on soon at the local and state levels as well. The presidential race has been fun, but let’s turn the amplifier down from 11 on that one for a bit, since it’s clear we’re not likely to know much new for at least another month. In the meantime, see (or build) anything interesting? Pitch it this way — enquiring minds want to know.


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Colin Delany
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