New Clinton Anti-Obama Attack Site? Plus, Track the Ron Paul Blimp Online

ABC News reported today that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reserved two domain names for use against close rival Barack Obama: and are domains hosted by the same IP address as official Clinton Web sites, such, which was launched with much fanfare this week.

The Clinton campaign intends to use these new Web sites to paint Obama as cowardly.

Apparently, Barack voted “present” rather than take a stand on controversial bills several times in the Illinois legislature, which is apparently a reason to take after him (sounds like a bit of a stretch, but what do I know). ABC does seem to have jumped the gun by describing the sites in its headline and article text as having been “launched,” though, since neither site is live as I write this and the domains have only been registered (to Hillary Clinton for President) since December 4th. Will they ever go live? Or is this just a bit of psychological warfare?

Next, among the more famous promotional activities organized by the Ron Paul army of supporters is a rented blimp, which you can now track online via a Google Map. Good work on the site, which is dirt-simple but effective (fundraising through Google Checkout, btw). Viral tools not neglected, either:


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Colin Delany
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