Friday Fun: The 1977 JC Penney Catalog

Many things in life benefit from a little parody, but some cultural artifacts are so extreme on their own that there’s no over-topping them. The silliest ’70s retro party you ever went to has NOTHING on the real thing, as you’ll see in this excellent little gem from 1977:
Oh My God

Who knew that you could do so much with terry cloth! It’s a goddamn miracle, and it’s also only the beginning — polyester and chest hair in immense quantities await you at the site 15 Minute Lunch, and I must implore you to scroll all the way down to the matching his-and-hers bathing suits. Yowza! Now THAT’S hotttttttttt. BTW, my parents got both the Penney’s and Sears catalogs throughout that glorious decade; who knows what works of art lurk in the backs of their closets.


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Colin Delany
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