An Introduction to Using Google Earth for Political Advocacy

The San Francisco NetSqared group got a great overview of Google Earth’s potential for online advocacy communications on October 9th, courtesy of Google Earth project manager Steve Miller. Two audience members have written the presentation up for our enjoyment, complete with screenshots and links to more resources: check out Britt Bravo’s version on the NetSquared blog or his own site as well as Lorna Li’s take (BTW, the most alliterative author pair-up I’ve ever seen).

You’re not going to walk away from either article ready to make your own maps, but you’ll get to see some of the potential of this great tool and you’ll leave armed with examples and links to how-tos that’ll get you started. Plus, either article is a good resource for that most difficult of lobbying efforts — the one within your own organization.


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Colin Delany
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  • […] I’ve got in my RSS feed reader now and tonight I saw this post about how to use Google Earth for political advocacy (Google Earth has an outreach outfit that did the explaining at a conference and then a couple of attendees blogged about the session).  I don’t do much actual political advocating – it has to be pretty specific, like getting women into the pipeline or separation of church and state or education. […]