My Smart-Ass Mouth Lands Me in the Post

Well, in The Trail, which is absolutely fine, buh-lieve you me (howdy, newcomers). When Jose called to chat this afternoon about the extreme duration of Fred Thompson’s announcement video, I couldn’t resist firing off a couple of smartass-isms. Purists will fault them on technical grounds: as District Attorney, Arthur Branch rarely (if ever?) spoke in open court, though he did give dramatic speeches in his office or in chambers. Grammarians will note that either my syntax is fractured or I left out the word “staff” between “campaign” and “haven’t.” And Todd Zeigler and Mike Turk are just plain gonna kick my ass!

Gentlemen, I’m sure there were Very Good Communications Reasons for putting out a fifteen-minute web video and that it will be immensely successful. No doubt millions will ultimately bathe in its angelic glow, and I’m quite sure a bunch of ’em will decide to absorb Fred’s solemn, yet reassuring message for an entire quarter-hour. You gotta admit, though, the first one was a pretty good line for having no warning. Heh!


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Colin Delany
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