Foley-Busting Blogger Now Has Fred Thompson in His Sights

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Remember Mark Foley, the congressmember with the bad habit of indulging in salacious IM sessions with underage House pages? Lane Hudson, the guy who helped bring Foley’s political career to an end last Fall by anonymously posting transcripts of some of those conversations and who’s now writing online at News for the Left, has filed a complaint with the FEC against likely Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

The charge? That the TV prosecutor and one-time senator is “ignoring the letter and spirit” of campaign law by masking an active election bid as an “exploratory” effort and thereby dodging federal reporting requirements. Time to toss a grenade into the works! Or, at the very least, get coverage in the Washington Post. Thompson has 15 days to respond; in the meantime, Hudson should get a big dose of attention online and in the mainstream media. Remind me to add “file complaint against presidential candidate” to the list of tips for building blog traffic.


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Colin Delany
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