Thompson and Romney Mix It Up Over, RNC Goes for Blood (and Treasure) Over MoveOn Ad

Online politics has turned nasty, vicious, ugly, brutish AND short…just the way we like it. First off, there’s the throwdown between the Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney over the website, which Josh Levy wraps up ably at tPrez. Lots of twists in this one, no doubt with more to come; we get to sit back and watch the fun.

Next, some online fallout over MoveOn’s “General Petraeus or General Betray Us” ad in the NY Times, as the GOP sends out a fundraising email with MoveOn as the hook (apparently, MoveOn is part of some overarching liberal conspiracy — my cabal membership card must have been lost in the mail). Fascinating: a political party founded in the 19th century is using an email list to raise money over the Internet based on a newspaper print ad purchased by a political organization that was founded ten years ago in part as an email list…the mind boggles.


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Colin Delany
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