Great Details on the Edwards SMS Fundraising Campaign

Alan Rosenblatt has put together a very cool “virtual interview” with Amy Rubin, the new media strategist for John Edwards, in which she answers many of the concerns I’d raised last week in a piece about the campaign’s text message-based fundraising effort. In the process, we get a great deal of detail about the considerations behind the successful use of SMS for supporter communications — the Edwards folks seem to have thought this one through really well. And, they’re happy to share the kind of information that campaigns are often reluctant to reveal. Thanks to Amy for being so forthcoming, and of course to Alan for pulling the article together and for providing excellent commentary on her responses.

BTW, an email discussion with Alan about Amy’s mention of the need to provide different channels of communication based on supporters’ preferences was a prod for me to write yesterday’s piece on going where your supporters are.


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Colin Delany
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