The Politico Grabs Online Ad Guru Waldo Tibbetts from the Post

I just a call from Waldo Tibbetts, formerly the online ad sales guru at Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, who’s resigned his Post gig this week to take a position at The Politico. The new publication has already stirred up the Washington media world by grabbing top talent on the editorial side; now they’re moving in on the business side as well. You can imagine the frantic scrambling at WPNI as the guy who’s been working with their political advertisers for eight years walks out the door…you can wipe his contacts database, but you can’t keep him from taking those kinds of personal relationships with him as he goes. Waldo had already been experimenting with some fascinating advertising targeting strategies, so let’s see what he can do working for a publication that seems not to mind taking some risks and is focused on building a niche audience of political influentials.


Written by
Colin Delany
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