Less Than A Month Until Politics Online

Woo ha! It’s less than a month before the annual gathering-of-the-tribe known as the Politics Online Conference, and you’d better be planning to go or you’re really gonna miss out. Last year’s conference gave me the idea to start this e.politics website you’re reading at this very moment; you never know what kind of trouble we might fall into THIS time around. Bonus for 2007: I’m moderating a panel, God help us all. And, though nothing is set in stone, I may have another tasty little surprise for you kids come conference time. All for the low, low price of $495, which I’m sure is just sitting there burning a hole in your pocket.

To whet your appetite, here are more IPDI interviews with prominent online strategists, in this case two folks who happen to be friends of mine. Time to pimp my peeps!


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Colin Delany
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  • I worked with Artificial Intelligence 19 years ago. I am very disappointed there are no AI response systems to answer an email, whenever possible, anyone interested on the political views of a candidate. email is the ideal medium to interface with AI with the views of a candidate. There are collections of written papers written by or for the candidates that would provide answers tailored to the exact, or nearly exact, style or mood of the writer. Yahoo, for example has compiled a library of statements of a candidate that can be used by any voter. Google has a marvelous search engine and Wikipedia may have the best, if it is ever implemented as once intended. The author of the email query provides the words and AI avoids giving dumb answers. Stanford and Lockheed Missile and Space Co., Sunnyvale had an excellent staff, but we have all retired. It can be done and it is an ideal fit for AI. Try it, you’d like it! As, they used to say. American Express used AI.