Raising the Bloody Flag of Revolution over…Data Integration?

Online campaigners unite! You have nothing to lose but oh, about 30 seconds of your time. A group of folks in the field, inspired by a discussion at RootsCampDC, has put together a brief manifesto about how nice it would be if our advocacy applications could share data easily, and they’re asking practitioners to sign on. I just did — who wouldn’t want all the parts of an online campaign to work together? Here’s a quick blurb from the organizers, among them our own Ha-Hoa Dang:

If you work for a progressive organization or campaign, you probably
struggle with technology. You probably have multiple databases and
tech tools that half-work, but don’t work together. Thousands of us
have struggled for years with fragmented systems that don’t fully get
the job done. If you want the progressive movement to have the
toolsuites we need to win, you should sign The Integration

I’ll see you at the barricades. BTW, like the site, guys — nice and simple, good logo.


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Colin Delany
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