More on Using Widgets for Fundraising

Beth Kanter, author of the excellent Beth’s Blog (a great resource on technology and the nonprofit world), writes in to talk more about fundraising with widgets.

I’ve just spent about month or so researching widgets for nonprofits over at my blog. The most exciting one, I think, is the widgets for personal fundraising campaigns. Here’s an experiment I set up. Any thoughts? My complete widget exploration as related to nonprofit use is here.

This article is a good place to start — she includes excellent tips for setting up and promoting a fundraising campaign.


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Colin Delany
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  • Thanks for the kind words! I broke a tooth, spent half the day in a dentist office, and then came home to find this! Makes me feel great!

  • I’m an internet marketer and as such have a strong interest in how new technical innovations are used. Reading this blog provides some extreemly interesting insights about the evolution of marketing campaigns as used in raising funds for political candidates. This once again demonstraes how the internet is changing every aspect of how things are done and will be done in the future. This is utterly fasinating for anyone with an interest in the future of marketing.