More on Delivering Emails to Congress

Hi folks, GetActive has very politely asked that I pull down the numbers I’d posted yesterday on their delivery rates, both because they’re preliminary and for reasons of industry competition. To be neighborly, I’ve done so, though I may caution them that anything that goes out over email to hundreds of clients is likely to get reprinted SOMEWHERE, if not here. To sum up their piece, they say that their clients’ messages ARE getting through, via web-form or fax if not directly through email (they tailor their system to connect via online form for those congressional offices who’ve stopped accepting direct emails). They also say that they’ll be releasing their delivery rate numbers in a study later in the year.

As I said before, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more about this one, seeing as email was the first online persuasive tool to be widely adopted and is still central to most larger advocacy groups’ online strategy. At NET, we’ve been using GetActive’s fax-if-email-unavailable feature for about the past year. And remember, if you have the resources, you can always print messages out and deliver them directly. Of course, the real question is what happens to that email once it reaches the office, not whether it gets there.


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Colin Delany
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