Colin Delany December 29, 2010

For Presidential Campaign Announcements, Technology No Longer the Story

Remember the halcyon days of 2007, when presidential campaigns competed for the honor of Most Creative Campaign Kick-Off Announcement? Hillary did her business on YouTube, while Barack promoted his video announcement via email, and several of the other candidates chose late-night talk/comedy shows to heighten their common touch. Special bonus round: don’t forget the legendary Joe-Biden-for-veep text message.

This time around, all of these choices are old hat, and it’s hard to imagine a venue that would attract anyone’s attention in and of itself. “Glee?” “Dancing with the Stars?” (Hey, if DeLay could shake his hips pre-conviction, why not Huckabee?). Though perhaps the standards at “American Idol” might hit a little close to home….

In any case, The Hill’s Shane D’Aprile took a good look at the question today, and e.politics got a few choice quotes in toward the end of the piece. My guess? The substance and the candidate will matter much more than the chosen channel, and I bet we’ll see campaigns unveiled via multi-outlet blasts designed to attract every shred of attention possible. Good luck, kids! Have fun storming the castle.


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