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December, 2014

Dancing with Baby Armadillos

E.politics world headquarters has taken up residence in its hometown of Palestine, Texas for the past week or two, and today got a real treat: playing with baby armadillos. Well, adolescents probably, since they’re big enough to come out of the burrow on their own (they sassed me, too...

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Quick Hits — May 13, 2008

Update: MoveOn Targets McCain Aides. Obama: Smear emails “not just a random sort of viral thing”. Racist Secret Service E-Mails. Oof. I mean really, oof. Stupid enough to think, even more stupider to email. How to spot Photoshop chicanery. Why is this site password protected? Burt...

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What Tools are YOU Using for Online Politics?

Let’s help get a better sense of what tools political professionals are using, both for advocacy and to help elect candidates: take the 2008 E-Voter Institute Survey of Political and Advocacy Communications Leaders today. Has the Internet come of age for political campaigns? Which voters...

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E.politics is Now on Twitter

Resistance is futile: e.politics has surrendered to the Twitter Borg. Now you’ll be able to find out what our staff (i.e., the cat and the turtle) have for breakfast every single day! Farewell, productive time… Seriously, I’m experimenting with Twitter to get general impressions...

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