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May, 2006

Dancing with Baby Armadillos

E.politics world headquarters has taken up residence in its hometown of Palestine, Texas for the past week or two, and today got a real treat: playing with baby armadillos. Well, adolescents probably, since they’re big enough to come out of the burrow on their own (they sassed me, too...

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Quick Hits — May 13, 2008

Update: MoveOn Targets McCain Aides. Obama: Smear emails “not just a random sort of viral thing”. Racist Secret Service E-Mails. Oof. I mean really, oof. Stupid enough to think, even more stupider to email. How to spot Photoshop chicanery. Why is this site password protected? Burt...

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What Tools are YOU Using for Online Politics?

Let’s help get a better sense of what tools political professionals are using, both for advocacy and to help elect candidates: take the 2008 E-Voter Institute Survey of Political and Advocacy Communications Leaders today. Has the Internet come of age for political campaigns? Which voters...

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