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March, 2017

Facebook Status Echoes Australian Apology

Check out Priscilla Bryce-Weller’s comment on the Facebook status/advocacy piece from a few days ago: We did this in Australia last week. Our parliament apologised on behalf of previous governments to Australia’s Indigenous Stolen Generations. We suggested to both our Facebook and...

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Quick Hits — February 20, 2008

Update: Exclusive: New Hillary Fundraising E-Mail! Well, kinda. Lawrence Lessig considers Congressional run. More at Techcrunch, Wired and tPrez. Blogger Joshua Micah Marshall wins journalism award. CNN retaliates by firing American Morning producer for blogging. MP3s of candidate conference...

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Swift Kids for Truth Attack Hillary

We’re already drowning in a sea of citizen-generated media, so pouring one more cup of it on our heads couldn’t possibly hurt: Actually, this one’s not quite amateur, since as The Sleuth reports, it’s one of a series of Huffington-funded online ads against Clinton. I doubt...

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Milestones and Updates

With the long weekend and a relative lull in the presidential primary season, the political world seems to be catching its breath for a moment (it must be quiet for a story like the Obama/Patrick “plagiarism” affair to get as much attention as it has). Time for a little e.politics...

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