Audio: In Which Rick Morris and I Solve the World’s Problems in Convincing Fashion

Last week I had the pleasure of (virtually) dropping by the FDH Lounge — internet radio’s finest no-topics-barred discussion show — to chat with host Rick Morris, something I get to do every six months or so. Rick and I agree politically on very little — he’s a self-described Paleo-Conservative and I’m one of those Lefty hippie freaks apparently determined undermine our Nation’s Values and bring about the final victory of our social-overlords-to-be (or something like that). But, we both try to be shockingly intellectually honest and always have a great conversation. A true exchange of ideas? Is that even LEGAL in politics any more?

The show’s audio is embedded below (e.pol readers-via-email, click back to the original post to access it), and when (not IF) you listen in, you’ll hear us talk about everything from Romney’s logic in picking Ryan for veep to the dynamics of the presidential debates to a basic question about whether budget deficits are a moral issue or a policy tool. And, we look ahead a couple of weeks and make our predictions for the Final Outcome on November 6th. Listen now…if you dare.


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Colin Delany
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