Now THIS is a Fundraising Email

Oh sure, go ahead and use your “please help now” language and your matching gifts and your thermometer-style “we’re THIS close to our goal” graphics in your fundraising emails. But that’s nothin’ — THESE guys know how to FIRE PEOPLE UP:

Time to expose ‘America’s Fraud President’!

Fact is, if this doesn’t interest you, nothing will! Let’s not forget we must keep the call center locations and operator teams off the radar so the Obamites can’t sabotage this grass-roots operation with their minion goons! Who can forget the threat of killing and beating Citizens in Philadelphia who just wanted to vote in the last election?

What do you think will happen when the Obamite’s Imperial leader is exposed as the fraud he is!

Security must be kept at an all-time high! Heck, even this alert will fall into the wrong hands and an attempt to stop us will ensue! Time is of the essence!

I’m going to be perfectly frank. With all the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price-cuts, we are looking at a projected cost of .23 per household! Multiply that by 1 Million! Our projected cost could very well be over $ 230,000.00. God knows, America is worth it!

That’s right; we must raise almost a quarter of a million dollars to reach 1 million U.S. Households! But get this! We are going to tell America about ‘America’s Fraud President’ with unique and special telephone calls, and to hell with the Main Blame Media!

Do you want in? If not, go hide under a rock.
But, if you are as mad as hell keep reading!

Talk about throwing red meat in front of the lions! These folks don’t mess around: paranoia, fear, anger, disgust, all rolled into one vengeful package. “Minion goons!” “America’s Fraud President!” Sheer genius, and we are not worthy to kneel at their feet. But just between you and me, I don’t recommend this approach if you’re trying to win over the unconvinced. That is all.


Written by
Colin Delany
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