Now on C&E: Getting Your Campaign Website Right & Microsites on the March. Plus, Death to Splash Screens?

Our good friends over at Campaigns & Elections are busily prepping the next issue for print, but they took a quick break a few days back to post the previous issue’s “Technology Bytes” column. The focus? Campaign websites, a subject too-often ignored in our current gee-whiz social media obsession. Check out the articles below to see why campaign sites DO matter, and also check out how small changes can make all the difference in a site’s effectiveness at recruiting volunteers and donors.

Plus, don’t miss the overview of presidential campaign microsites, as well as some musings on the potential harm done by those email-gathering “splash screens” common on many political sites.

Next month’s main topic: using technology to manage volunteers. Databases meet game mechanics? Sexy!


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Colin Delany
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