Video: E.politics Live at CampaignTech

Last week’s CampaignTech conference was great fun and educational all around, with good friends, good schmoozing and lots of interesting technology to learn about. One highlight: the live interviews conducted by InterCast Network, a company that’ll be working for campaigns in the 2012 cycle. Their staff assembled several of the interviews in the clip below; mine starts at about minute 11:30.

Watch live streaming video from retailsyndicate at

Yes Mom, I’m cranking up the cardio work at the gym! (Your editor is getting a bit portly.) In other E.politics news, an email arrived in the bunker today from a loving reader, whose sole content — other than a name and address which I shall not share — was the subject line, “You guys are jerks.” Buh-lieve me, sir, I have a couple of ex-girlfriends who’d agree with you.


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