Amazing Alabama Political Video…That Failed

My friend and long-ago college roommate Brad Terrell passed this mind-blowing piece of political video/advertising along the other day:

Sheer genius! A gun, a horse, a hat and a Real Man for Alabama…one of the Finest pieces of video ever produced, no doubt. Plus, dogtags! But alas, Alabama Agriculture Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson lost despite his profound understanding of resonant cultural symbolism, and apparently he got whupped real bad, too.

So let this ad stand as Peterson’s political epitaph, his own personal statue of Ozymandias. Internet angle: besides the fact that this thing’s closing in on 200,000 YouTube views, note the (anachronistic in context?) mention of his opponent’s “bragging on Facebook” about political donations from regulated industry; nice reaction shot of the horse then, too. For more video wackiness from the Alabama primaries, see this overview piece from Salon’s War Room.


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Colin Delany
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