Applying Obama’s Online Campaign Lessons to State and Local Races

More details now on our Netroots Nation panel, which will focus on using what we’ve all learned from the Obama campaign, and not just the part about raising money online. The panel now includes, besides me:

  • Judith Freeman — with the New Organizing Institute, and also a part of the Obama campaign grassroots mobilization effort and a former AFL-CIO senior political strategiest.
  • Scott Goodstein — now with Revolution Messaging LLC (nice site BTW), and was the External Online Director for Obama for America and developed the campaign’s social networking platforms.
  • Julia RosenCourage Campaign, who’ll help us apply the ideas in the real world of non-presidential politics.

Should be a great discussion, and we’re really hoping to bring the audience into it, since we’re going to get down to nuts and bolts as fast as possible. Should be a hoot — see you there.


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Colin Delany
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