Betting on Joe The Plumber — Online

This just in from the folks at the online bookie

After his appearance at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), some say Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who most know by his political moniker, “Joe the Plumber” is emerging as a possible leader amongst conservatives and the GOP. There is so much chatter about Joe the Plumber’s political future that an online betting web site,, has begun accepted bets on Joe the Plumber’s political future. Here are some of the odds as listed on the web site:

  • Will Joe run for president in 2011/2012 election cycle? A bet for YES currently pays 12-1.
  • Will Joe run for “public office” (any type) in 2009? YES pays 3.5-1.
  • Will Joe win any elected seat in 2009? YES pays 8-1.
  • Will Joe the Plumber make a bid for the House of Representatives? YES pays 8-1.
  • Will Joe WIN a seat in the House of Representatives? YES pays 15-1.
  • Will Joe the Plumber be hired by any major television news network in 2009? YES pays 6-1.

Hmmmmmm, judging from these numbers and from his apparently rapturous reception at CPAC, I’ll bet that we’ll be stuck with Ol’ Joe long after his sell-by date…somebody get this man an actual plumber’s license, stat!


Written by
Colin Delany
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