E.politics in AP article on McCain Blogette

Want to read more e.politics but suffer from a shortage of blonde? Never fear — Associated Press reporter Libby Quaid has a good article out today on John McCain’s daughter Meghan’s blog, McCain Blogette, and includes a couple of solid quotes from a phone chat we had last week. For instance:

“Voters seem to make decisions ‘based on personality at least as much as policy,’ Delany said. “And if a blog gives them a view into someone’s personality that they didn’t have before and helps to create a personal connection, that may help to turn the casual visitor into an actual supporter.'”

Of course, McCain Blogette beats us on one significant front — here in the e.politics bunker, we rarely hand out style advice, and for good reason: I fear we shall never reach the esteemed height of “Best Dressed Blogger” in her pages. Back to the AP article — note Julie Germany’s deft “US Weekly” reference.


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Colin Delany
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