Conference Frenzy in Three…Two…One…

Hi y’all, e.politics spent all weekend struggling with a nagging cold and a big pile of client work, trying to get both knocked out before the next few weeks’ conference frenzy takes hold. First off, Politics Online starts tomorrow, and I hope to see you at our Tuesday morning panel, Does Good Design Matter? E.politics be sharing the stage with Margaux O’Malley of Grand Junction Design, the legendary Susan Finkelpearl of Free Range Studios and Todd Zeigler from The Bivings Group. Todd’s already been inspired by our planning meeting to write up a brief piece on Fred Thompson and animated pickup trucks; check it out here. Should be an excellent discussion, and both theoretical and practical.

This Friday, e.politics is off to South by Southwest Interactive, which is particularly exciting because this will be my fourth trip to the conference but the first time I get to step out of the audience and onto the podium. If you’re heading to Austin, be sure to check out Friend Me! Vote for Me! Donate Now!, and even if you’re not, congratulate Julie Germany the next time you see her on her ability to pick very clever and conference-attendee-vote-attracting panel titles. But before we’ve had a chance to fully recover from SXSW’s powerful dose of barbeque, Shiner Bock and extracurricular fun (e.politics has stories from previous years which I ain’t tellin’), it’s off to NTEN in New Orleans and a chance to stock up on gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice and of course Online Advocacy (oops — I seem to owe them a headshot and bio).

Busy times! So if the site’s not updated quite as often as we’d all like, now you know why. And since we may be a bit short on content for a while, how about pitching that guest article you’ve always been meaning to write? Fame, stardom and the adulation of your peers await — if you can handle them.


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