Live-Blogging the Debate: Just Like Being There, Only Different

So, as promised, I missed the first presentation of tonight’s debate, but with all of the live-blogging going on, I feel like I might just could skip the rebroadcast of the real thing (only kidding, but man, a Tivo would kick ass right now). I’m sure this puppy is being dissected at high speed all over blogland, but let me point to some quick highlights from the world of rapid typing. Spencer Overton has gone out on a limb at techPresident — live-blogging in front of an audience of tech/political types? No pressure. Danny, Shira, Heather Andrew and the other mainstream media kids over at National Journal have outdone themselves as well, with two separate threads running, one on Hotline On Call and the other at Tech Daily Dose.

As someone who generally writes essays rather than stream-of-consciousness pieces, I’m fascinated to watch these on-the-fly articles spring up. Writing them must be like trying to shoot a bird on the wing, knowing each time you draw a bead that dozens more will fly by in the meantime. The time for perspective will be later now.


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Colin Delany
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