Google, Glaciers and Holes in the Ground

Hey kids! Sorry to be AWOL the last couple of days, but things have been a little nuts around here. Since Tuesday, I’ve launched two brand-new sites for my day job at National Environmental Trust while also fixing bugs in third site that went live last week. Plus sending out a couple of action alerts and similar excitement. Whew! I’m one tired puppy — time for a beer (or ten).

Some news on the e.politics front — if you’re going to the Personal Democracy Forum conference in NYC next week, look for me meandering around the halls. I found out this week that I received a Google Scholarship to the conference, no doubt because of my striking looks and great personal virtue (hah!), so I’ll be going without having to shell out $$$ for the privilege. Ah, the difficult life of a Famous Blogger — will someone please come feed me grapes as I recline on a couch?

Shameless promotion: those projects that just launched? The one I finished a few minutes ago is a contest to rename Glacier National Park now that global warming is melting the ice (let’s see some creative entries from the e.politics crowd, eh?). Earlier in the week, I finished popping out a quick brochureware site for a new coalition campaign on mining law reform (sexy stuff, yup) — designed on Tuesday, built on Wednesday! Finally, last week we tossed a new site into the water to help a woman who’s canoeing up the U.S. east coast from Miami to Maine to highlight ocean conservation. It’s based on a blog platform that’s tailored for oceanic and mountaineering expeditions and which will take blog posts from a Treo/Blackberry or a satellite phone. Next site: god only knows, but I guarantee that it’ll be 1) incredibly, amazingly, incomprehensibly urgent, and 2) more complicated than the project organizers think. Gotta love this job.


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