ISO: A Web Intern

Bring me the head of a web intern! (and cart along the rest of the body while you’re at it). Yep, I’m fixin’ to lose a long-serving intern at my day job and am commencing the hunt for the next one. The officialese: I’m looking for someone to serve as a web intern in the communications department at the National Environmental Trust. The job would pay approximately $1100/month and would involve work on websites, email advocacy campaigns, social networking outreach, blogger outreach and whatever else comes to mind that day. The position is full-time, starting in early May and running through August, with a possible extension through December.

It’s a great opportunity for somebody who’s just starting out in the field, since NET web interns typically get to work on dozens of different projects in the course of their stay here, as well as participate in communications strategy discussions, planning meetings, brainstorming sessions and occasional field trips to wherever I feel like getting coffee that morning. And, they can be on the finest softball team in the history of the world, the NET Tree Sluggers. Past interns have gone on to real live jobs in the online communications world.

Here’s what I’m looking for: I need somebody who’s quick on his or her feet, adaptable, learns fast and has good attention to detail (always the kicker). Specific skills (html, design, etc.) are useful but not essential, since I’ll teach ’em what they need to know. What’s more important is attitude and initiative.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please ask him or her to send a resume to me at my NET address,


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Colin Delany
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